Toxins In My Food?

Food is great and we love it. But there are some things we don’t love. Some of the foods we eat today have more than just deliciousness–some are loaded with harmful chemicals, bacteria and GMOs. We can go on and on about GMOs, like we have in the past. But did you know about other harmful toxins and bacteria that might be contained in food?

Just recently, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched an investigation on the E. coli outbreak killed one person and made 17 ill, in the U.S. The likely culprit? Romaine lettuce! Crazy, right? Was a certain type of pesticide? And was it an isolated event at a specific farm? The answer isn’t too obvious yet and more research is needed. However, experts warn that when E. coli infests a particular batch of lettuce, the bacteria does not get removed when simply rinsing the fresh greens under water (as we normally do).

Unfortunately, these situations aren’t as uncommon as they sound. The health journal Nature, recently reported that the spread of two superbugs could be related to the popular sugar additive, trehalose. The sugar, which can be found in many of our favorite foods, could have increased the harmfulness of clostridum difficle (also know as C. difficle). Trehalose allows bacteria to feed off its nutrients and produce stronger toxins, worsening symptoms. Like the lettuce incident, more testing is extremely necessary.

Cases like these are good reminders to pay attention to what we eat. Buy organic food from trusted sources and, if there is a label, read it before buying and consuming. And stop eating raw cookie dough (yes, we’re talking to you)!

For more serious bacterial infections like E. coli and C. difficle, it’s best to consult a doctor on how best to handle treatment.

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