TC Thrasher, CEO

Holistic Body Repair Specialist

Kimberly Thrasher

Nutrition & Holistic Life Coach

We have over 30 years in Holistic Health & Wellness

Our passion is helping people live their GR8est life, with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle and how the environment plays in overall wellbeing.

We believe that many people suffer needlessly because of a broken healthcare system that places too much emphasis on symptoms, rather than the root cause of an illness. It’s been our experience that by viewing the body as a whole, integrated system, where every organ and gland work in concert with each other, anyone can help their body heal itself more effectively – especially when supported.

Every individual is different, with unique needs. Understanding those differences is a key element!

We educate and empower in a way that is flexible and fun, without relying on willpower or self-denial. The result? A healthier life that’s achievable, sustainable, and enjoyable.

Our focus works because it is holistic and accounts for all of you.  Not just healthy food, but healthy relationships, healthy movement, a meaningful spiritual practice, an inspiring creative outlet, and an understanding that there can be emotional roots to physical illness.

We don’t mask your problems.  We address them.  If you have a rock in your shoe, is it better to take off your shoe and remove the rock, or take painkillers to mask the discomfort?

By creating a balance between all aspects of health, primary foods, and the foods you eat everyday; you’ll experience steady changes in your health and wellbeing that you’ll be able to maintain for life.

Fitness, Functional Movement & Human Performance

We  have over 30 years in the Fitness, Functional Movement and Human performance industry. We believe there is more to GR8 Health and Fitness than Bikini Bodies and six pack abs. Although if that is your goal and your willing to put in the effort we will get you there. Our training philosophy is designed around quality over quantity. Helping our clients illicit their maximum results with minimum effort.

  • We have mentored over 100 fitness and performance coaches
  • Helped 1000’s of client of all abilities, ages and limitations
  • Helped clients lose body fat, gain lean muscle
  • Helped clients increase flexibility/mobility and recover from injury
  • Worked with 100’s of athletes from youth to the professional level
Education and Certifications:
  • Exercise Science
  • Integrative Movement Specialist
  • Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapy #11750
  • CHEK Holistic Life Coach
  • Golf Performance Specialist
  • Integrative Nutrition/Gut Health
  • Integrative Nutrition/Whole-Person Health
  • Integrative Nutrition/Detox Your Life
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Breath/Meditation
  • CES
  • PES
  • Senior Fitness Specialist

The GR8 Life Ceo Stretch Shop is the best hour I spend every week!!!


This is so much better than yoga or Pilates, honestly I’m not fit enough to do all those things yet. I’m so happy I found GR8 Life Ceo they are right up my alley! This place is for anyone, no matter your age!!


After one session, I was hooked. I was amazed at the difference it made. At the age of 60, I realize the importance of maintaining flexibility to be able to continue the quality of life I enjoy.


The Stretch shop is PHENOMENAL


“I could feel my muscles lengthening and the tension leaving my body”


“I work at a desk with minimal standing throughout the day. Since going to the Stretch Shop my headaches and the tension in my neck are a thing of the past. I feel GR8 after every session “


Completely incredible. During my first session I thought it was going to be just ok, but at the end of the session I could feel the amazing results and a noticeable difference in my flexibility and stress relief.


From a person who would get a deep tissue massage every month. I have no longer returned. The Body Shop at GR8 Life Ceo is pure life changing!!!! I just wished that I started sooner


Immediately noticeable results…Walked in bent over in pain, left upright feeling GR8!!!


“I never realized how important stretching is to wellness”


“I’ve noticed a big difference in my flexibility and how much faster I recover from my workouts. Since I’ve been going to the Stretch shop 2 times a week. They are the best part of my week!


My doctor said I needed to start a stretch program. He said it would be the thing I could do for myself. I have to tell you ever since I started going to the Stretch Shop at GR8 Life Ceo I’ve never felt better!!!


“I always like to push my body. And I know I need to take care of it. Especially if I’m going to push it so hard. Since finding the GR8 Life Ceo Stretch shop. I’ve been going to them twice a week to loosen up any tight areas. I no longer get the nagging injuries I use to bring on my self. And I just keep feeling my best”