Individualized custom stretch session in a private setting.
Increase range of motion & flexibility • Reduce muscle & joint pain
Improve posture • Improve relaxation and decrease stress
Improve sports performance

GR8 LIFE CEO Stretch Shop is for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life by addressing the often overlooked yet essential part of health and performance. Whether you sit often, stand often, exercise often, or play competitive sports – every body needs proper maintenance and recovery.


Pain free again you’re back to things you love


Move your muscles and joints as they were designed to move!


Feel more energetic and less tense!


116 Million Americans are currently suffering from Chronic Pain. Are you one of them?

Almost everyone has low back pain at some point in life. It’s one of the top causes of missed work in the U.S.


Muscle Imbalances are often the result of bad posture, inactivity, or improper movement patterns, and can lead to pain.


Muscle tightness can occur after hard physical work, and can also be due to long periods of inactivity. Tightness around a joint can lead to pain.


A feeling of worry or anxiety that makes it hard to relax. This can lead to lack of energy and feeling tired, too.


Stretching has been shown to decrease muscle and joint pain, improve posture and imbalances, and prevent injury.

We are not the only ones to do 1-on-1 assisted stretching.  We just do it best!


A Stretch Shop session is built in three stages. During the first few minutes, your Body Mechanic will assess your goals and any physical limitations. Next your Body Mechanic will guide you through a series of stretches based on your assessment. This will be the majority of your session time. To conclude the session your Body Mechanic may recommend a personalized stretching program, self-stretching technique or both. Your Body Mechanic will explain that it is not uncommon to feel sore after your stretch because we are engaging muscles that you may not be accustomed to using. This may last one or a few days, depending on your session. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to your Body Mechanic.

That depends on your schedule and your goals. Whether you can sneak us in between appointments or dedicate an hour to self-care…Stretch Shop will be the highlight of your day. Tight on time?

All our Body Mechanics have bodywork expertise and are certified in our proprietary Stretch Shop Methodology. They come from a variety of wellness backgrounds, including personal training, massage therapy, yoga instruction and holistic lifestyle coaching. They are then trained by our meticulous Master Mechanic.

Both have their benefits. The type of stretching we do, is beneficial both before and after. Stretching before helps to prepare your muscles for your workout.  It awakens muscle fibers and prepares your joints to move through their full range of motion in the most effective way. Which will reduce the chance of injury and boost your performance. Stretching after exercise speeds recovery by flushing out metabolic waste, increasing blood flow and lengthening muscles that have just been contracted. It will also help to release the muscular tension built up during your workout and helps to properly restore myofascial direction. This assists the healing process as you recover. It’s also super relaxing

Physical therapy assists recovery by working with the affected area directly through a variety of modalities. Stretch therapy is a kinetic chain approach utilizing active range of motion training, we are not restricted to specific body parts, but we work with the entire muscular system as a whole. By working with the entire body, we may uncover something deeper that is causing your pain or your restricted movement. Our approach engages the nervous system and increases blood flow to actively assist the body’s healing process and to also re-teach the body its natural range of motion. We are a great complement to physical therapy and have great relationships with many in the field.

In Yoga, you stretch groups of muscles at the same time while our Body Mechanics isolate the stretches and stretch muscles individually. It is almost impossible to avoid compensation in Yoga while our Body Mechanics avoid compensation through proper stabilization. Body Mechanics use belts to hold hips firmly to the stretching table and assist with stabilizing other areas when necessary.

All stretches are active, which means a more effective and safer stretch. This happens through reciprocal inhibition: the active muscle “turns off” the muscle being stretched. Some yoga stretches are active, some are not. Stretch Shop Body Mechanics stretches the muscles for no more than two seconds, that prevents the myotatic/stretch reflex to trigger, which might lead to injury. Instead of holding a stretch for a long time (like some Yoga modalities), repetitive, short stretches avoid muscle fatigue and enhances oxygen resupply and waste product elimination.

Our Body Mechanic influenced stretching increases the range of motion of individual muscles, which translates to increased flexibility in Yoga poses. Because there is a balanced approach to our stretch protocols, the result is less compensation in your Yoga poses, which leads to a safer practice. You will have better muscle stability, which is critical for proper joint function. Our protocols allow you to feel muscles individually, which will help to increase muscles awareness and mindfulness in the yoga practice. Stretch Shop increases strength through the WHOLE range of motion. (It is very common to be strong in the mid-range of motion but weak at the end of the range.)

Our Body Mechanics, precision and knowledge allows you to get a deeper stretch than you could achieve on your own. Our protocols reach many hard to get muscles, and muscles you probably don’t know you have. The Stretch Shop approach balances joint and body segments to create symmetry so nothing is forgotten.

Our stretch protocols are based on principles developed from over 30 years of experience, mastering and teaching these techniques.  We use a systematic approach that not only delivers a feeling of relief but also retrains the neuro-muscular system and brain function, resulting in maximum benefits.

Nope! The Stretch Shop Method is an active, dynamic stretch which provides increased blood flow to the muscles, so no warm up necessary.

Clothing that allows us to stretch you out. Gym shorts, tights, sweats and t-shirts all stretch. Dresses, skirts, suits and jeans do not.

Pretty much everybody! Whether you’re sedentary or always on the move. A marathoner or a power walker. 18 or 80. That said, if you have an injury that you are concerned about, please consult a doctor before getting Stretched.

If you have an injury, we advise you to consult a medical professional to get their seal of approval on an activity like stretching. Once cleared…see you in the Stretch Shop

Getting Stretched can be the key to working out the tight spots when your mobility is limited. We advise you to ask your doctor if you have specific concerns, but otherwise, we’ll see you (and your bun in the oven) in the Stretch Shop!

While we don’t expect you to do the splits after one session, we do believe that stretching is good for everybody – even the “flexibly challenged.” Our Body Mechanics work with each individual to customize a stretch for your starting point and goals.

Here’s the gist…We ask about your goals, areas you want to focus on and then we get to it. Depending on the stretch type (and time) you choose, you’ll get a deep, but heavenly hands-on stretch like you’ve never had before. Expect your Body Mechanic to stay in communication with you throughout your session to make sure you are comfortable and pain-free, but not to talk your ear off…unless that’s your thing.

Hell, no! Our stretches feel soooo good! Your Body Mechanic will gently ease you into each stretch and will consistently check in with you to make sure you are comfortable.

We are big proponents of all of those forms of self-care, but one-on-one stretch is unique in that it provides one-on-one dedicated time to elongate your muscles and improve pliability and flexibility.

We have changing areas, but no showers. Since WE stretch YOU out, you won’t be working up a sweat.

“I always like to push my body. And I know I need to take care of it. Especially if I’m going to push it so hard. Since finding the GR8 Life Ceo Stretch shop. I’ve been going to them twice a week to loosen up any tight areas. I no longer get the nagging injuries I use to bring on my self. And I just keep feeling my best”


“I work at a desk with minimal standing throughout the day. Since going to the Stretch Shop my headaches and the tension in my neck are a thing of the past. I feel GR8 after every session “


Immediately noticeable results…Walked in bent over in pain, left upright feeling GR8!!!


After one session, I was hooked. I was amazed at the difference it made. At the age of 60, I realize the importance of maintaining flexibility to be able to continue the quality of life I enjoy.


This is so much better than yoga or Pilates, honestly I’m not fit enough to do all those things yet. I’m so happy I found GR8 Life Ceo they are right up my alley! This place is for anyone, no matter your age!!


My doctor said I needed to start a stretch program. He said it would be the thing I could do for myself. I have to tell you ever since I started going to the Stretch Shop at GR8 Life Ceo I’ve never felt better!!!


“I’ve noticed a big difference in my flexibility and how much faster I recover from my workouts. Since I’ve been going to the Stretch shop 2 times a week. They are the best part of my week!


“I could feel my muscles lengthening and the tension leaving my body”


Completely incredible. During my first session I thought it was going to be just ok, but at the end of the session I could feel the amazing results and a noticeable difference in my flexibility and stress relief.


From a person who would get a deep tissue massage every month. I have no longer returned. The Body Shop at GR8 Life Ceo is pure life changing!!!! I just wished that I started sooner


“I never realized how important stretching is to wellness”


The Stretch shop is PHENOMENAL


The GR8 Life Ceo Stretch Shop is the best hour I spend every week!!!