The key to achieving optimal health starts with finding individuals who truly desire to understand health and fitness.

It is then about having personalized programs integrating the building blocks of life, plus the key aspects of both your lifestyle, nutrition and fitness.

We have designed unique programs which utilize the best from functional fitness and nutrition, preventative healthcare, biohacking, the laws of mother nature, nutritional therapy and ancestral wisdom.

Whats in it for YOU?

  • GR8er results, faster
  • Clearer guidance and support
  • Learn rather than be taught
  • More energy and vitality
  • Sustainable change, with no short term band aids
WHY clients choose GR8 Life CEO
  • A vast knowledge of all areas of health.
  • A whole body approach, connecting the mind, body, soul and environment into the bigger picture.
  • Sustainable results, evidence informed, and data driven.

Fitness, nutrition, and health optimization can be a confusing and daunting space. There are many ‘cures’, false promises, sub-par “hobbytritonists” and conflicting subjects or lines of thought to start or take the first step in improving or optimizing your health..

In addition, the forever growing and numerous health foods, fad diets, supplements, tests, weight loss products, and fitness regiments that daily bombard you from podcasts, books, news, radio, magazines, social media and many more.

You have no clue where to start. On top, there is a vast amount of pressure and money dependent on people’s health and ability to perform at their peak consistently day in and day out. What we do is focus on health-span, not life span essentially wellgevity over longevity.  In building better bodies on the inside first thus allowing the body to flourish outside when ready.  We are a firm believer in quality over quantity.  This is emphasized in our program designs and strategies to take you from A to GR8.

Health means something completely different to everyone. Your values, goals and requirements likewise are individualized. We understand that and integrate that in our beliefs and philosophy.  This leads to superior results and mostly importantly forming a strong relationship and connection with you. We offer guidance and support throughout your journey from day one.