We’re on a Mission to Say No to GMO’s

You might have noticed that we are big advocates of non-GMO foods. In fact, have you seen the non-GMO icon (the one with the little butterfly on the logo) on products at the market? Well, that’s the official Non-GMO Project’s logo and we have began the process of getting our own products certified!

But, what is a GMO? Simply put, it’s a genetically modified organism. A living organism (such as a plant) is injected with genes to alter its DNA, usually for the purpose of growth and development. For example, scientists might modify the DNA of a certain crop to reduce damage from pesticides or herbicides. It sounds great in theory, but the results can harm our bodies and our environment. It is for this reason that we are on a mission to get all of our products non-GMO verified.

Harmful Results

Genetically modified foods carry genes with them that can be potentially dangerous. Some of these genes actually contain resistance to certain antibiotics that we use for infections and illness. So, when a human eats a product that contains these genes, they might be more prone to being ill if the standard medication becomes ineffective to them.

When one crop has foreign genes injected, it’s not all that uncommon for it to accidentally spread to a totally different crop that was never meant to be modified. Take for example a World Health Organization report of the US production of maize. Farmers and scientists placed certain genes in maize meant for animal feed; however, the pollen from those plants traveled by air and cross-contaminated the plants for human consumption!

GMO’s can affect an ecosystem, and therefore, affect us. When insects interact with genetically modified plants, they too can develop the plant’s resistance to the pesticide. If this happens, this makes it harder to control infestation and damage to those plants.

GMO’s might also be able to destroy healthy and necessary bacteria in your stomach when you eat them. They can be detrimental to your gut’s overall health.

Our Mission

As you can see, GMOs cause a dangerous domino effect and we want no part in it! We leave out GMOs to produce better and more effective products that can lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle. And, since it has become nearly impossible to avoid GMOs in every day foods, we also make a product called Biome Medic to help protect your gut from the effects!

While nearly every one of our products is free of GMOs, we cannot put this butterfly logo on every product until it officially certified by the Non-GMO Project. This is quite the project, but we are successfully moving through it, quite quickly! Watch our list of non-GMO certified products grow and learn more about the Non-GMO Project:  https://www.nongmoproject.org/find-non-gmo/verified-products/

Read our blog for more about how GMO’s can affect your gut and what you can do to help: https://gr8lifeceo.com/protect-your-gut-from-gmos/

Read more about the dangers of GMO:  https://www.livestrong.com/article/417880-risks-side-effects-of-genetically-modified-food/

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