You’re Invited…
to the Next Decade

When I was a teen-ager in high school I always wanted to be invited to the cool kids lunch table.  To me, sitting with the upper echelon of high school society was the end all be all of the never-ending attempt to ascend the social ladder.  Inclusion at the “cool table” meant you had arrived!  The “cool table” was where all the knowledge was dropped, where all the parties were planned, where all the mischief was conceived, where all the gossip originated, where all the dates with the pretty girls were arranged and much more. If I could only get an invite then I would be “in” and if I was “in” then my life would really begin.

All of us are invited to something much cooler than the “cool table”.  We are all invited to dive into the next decade!!  That’s right, 10 years are gone and a fresh set is before us.  If you’re anything like me and you have been sitting idly by hoping for and dreaming of change to your personal health and wellness much like I was hoping for and dreaming of an invite to sit with the cool kids.  Please stop and please start taking your life by the horns and implementing real, positive, lasting, healthy change.

HOW?  Before that is answered, you must first decide how you will respond to the invitation to the next decade.  Embrace it or hate it?  Accept it or reject it?  Live with passion and purpose or continue on the path of hurt and unhealthy living?

If you have decided on the embrace, accept, live with passion and purpose option then let’s talk real logistics! What is it going to take?  The “cool kids” aren’t going to change your life for you only you can do that.

  • STOP thinking negative.  Stop blaming others, stop focusing on seemingly terrible circumstances, stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop leaving misery in your wake. Your thoughts are powerful and by allowing negative thoughts to dominate you are attracting more and more negativity.
  • STOP dieting. Instead, start living a lifestyle of smarter, healthier eating options.
  • STOP comparing yourself to others. You are you! Set reasonable, achievable, goals that are customized for where you want to see you!  Trying to look like a celebrity or run like an athlete are ok goals but are they good for you? Are they reasonable and achievable?
  • Live GR8, move GR8, feel GR8, sleep GR8, eat GR8, think Gr8, and you will be GR8 for not only the next decade but for the forseeable future.

By the way, I never got an invite to sit with the “cool kids” so I sat by myself, created my own cool table and changed the way I thought and you know what?  It was cool!