You are unique (YOUNIQUE)!  There is literally nobody roaming the planet that is like you.  Even if you have a twin sibling with the same physical characteristics as you there is still a certain level of uniqueness that sets you apart. Since that is an indisputable fact it only makes sense that you deserve amazing, customized, individualized, attentive care and attention.  Your body is unique and extraordinary and is craving to be treated with great custom care.  With this groundbreaking revelation, let’s explore some questions

  • So why do we settle for a universal, cookie cutter approach to our services (bodywork, exercise, nutrition)?
  • Why are we content with being one of the many when it comes to our health and well-being?
  • Why is what’s good for Joe Neighbor acceptable for you?
  • Why is an ok massage, an ok stretch, an ok nutrition plan, an ok exercise regimen good enough for your amazing and unique self?

Well, it is NOT!!  I am standing on the street corner with a megaphone proclaiming that YOU deserve MORE!!

Here is what You deserve:

  • One on one treatment that has a specific plan geared to best benefit your uniqueness.
  • Customization based upon your body’s abilities and limitations.
  • A specific plan that will allow you to see positive results but also allow you to enjoy the journey.
  • Individualized attention.

  Stop Settling for anything less!!

           Here at Gr8 Life CEO we are anything but average and ok!  We aim to be GR8!  We strive to allow people to move, feel and be GR8!  GR8ness doesn’t necessarily mean six pack abs, although if that’s your goal we can help you achieve that.  GR8ness is enjoying life, moving pain free, being able to play with your kids or grandkids without experiencing chronic pain, being able to cross the finish line at a sporting event and feeling GR8 the whole time, learning what it means to eat GR8 food, understanding quality sleep comes when the body is in balance and harmony.  The GR8 life can be yours, claim it!