“You Matter”
Learning How to Practice Self-Care

For some reason we have bought into the flawed thinking that taking care of ourselves is selfish.  We have fallen victim to the martyr complex where we sacrifice ourselves in order to put the needs of others above our own.  It is certainly good to think of others and to help others and even to do good for others; but to neglect ourselves is unhealthy and will lead to some serious consequences as the years mount.  What exactly is wrong with practicing self-care?  What is wrong with making our health and well-being a priority?  Are we counting on somebody else to take care of us?  Hoping that a kind family member, friend or stranger is going to think kindly enough of us to ensure that we are living at our optimal state?  That is NOT a great plan!

Friends, we matter!  You matter!  You are breathing, you have life, energy, a body that needs care (even if you are in tip top shape and healthy).  Can we agree on a simple but profound concept?  Who can we take care of if we ourselves are run down, hurting, depleted of energy, sick, sore etc?  The answer is nobody!

A wise man once spoke to me on this very subject, he had 3 simple words: “I, WE, ALL”, I wasn’t quite sure what he meant until I dived into those words.  Here is the meaning:  I must take care of me first so that I can take care of WE, my immediate family and then ALL, everyone else.

Answer these questions:

  • Are you a martyr for the sake of others?
  • Are you sacrificing your own health and wellness for others?
  • Has your body, mind, soul been suffering due to neglect?

If the answer is yes to one or all of those questions then something must change, if you as a caregiver are going to continue giving care.

Here are 3 tips to institute and practice I, WE, ALL in order to start feeling better:

  1. Change the landscape of your thought patterns to include “I matter, I am important, my health and wellness is a priority”.
  2. Intentionally build into your busy calendar at least 2 if not more days a month that are solely dedicated to taking care of you. Schedule an assisted stretch session, get that massage, try out yoga, turn your phone off and decompress, hit the gym, take an organic cooking lesson or just catch up on some lost sleep.
  3. It is ok to say NO! This is not easy!!  But we must at times say no to others in order that we maintain our self-wellness.  If someone is in constant need of your time and attention learn to say no for yourself and even for their betterment.  There will always be times to say yes but learn how to say no on occasion.  You will be healthier for it.

Let the GR8LIFECEO team help you understand that YOU MATTER!!