“Winning is in the Journey”

We have been programmed to believe that in order to be successful you must win at every venture you take upon yourself. Remember the Jerry Maguire scene or the Herm Edwards press conference: “You play to win the game…” Well, lets think differently for a minute, when it comes to your overall health and well being it’s actually the opposite.

Playing is winning, winning is in the journey!  Friends, please do not be misled into erroneous thinking that there is some glorious health and wellness destination that you are aiming to arrive at.  There is no destination there is only the journey.  Re read that please.

Think about your health and wellness as a lifestyle.  This lifestyle is the NEW YOU! Playing the game is just who you are and what you do!  But, what does that mean? What does this new lifestyle/journey look like?

  • Want to run a half marathon?  Start walking and graduate up to running.  Be consistent and set achievable goals.  Celebrate the victories and learn from the defeats.  Don’t quit and cross the finish line.  Winning is in the journey!
  • Want to get stronger and build muscle?  Get in the gym, have a plan, be consistent.  Be patient with yourself.  Winning is in the journey!
  • Want to lose weight?  Start by increasing your quality water intake. Learn about what real food is.  Be consistent, slow down, understand real food turns to good energy. Realize that you’re going to fall off the wagon.  Get back up!  Winning is in the journey!

You don’t have to be first you just have to be on the journey!  Losing is giving up.  Losing is sitting in the recliner for long periods of time.  Losing is eating anything and everything your taste buds crave. Losing is ignoring your body, ignoring your nutrition, ignoring your need for movement.

Get in the game!  Start on your journey!  Be the NEW YOU!  Afterall, winners love to celebrate!

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