The Solution

No matter how healthy we eat, it’s nearly impossible to avoid GMOs and chemicals from assaulting our guts. That’s what makes this so revolutionary. Help rid your body of toxins and repair damage caused by GMOs and harmful food additives today.

The Crisis

Our gut micro biomes and gut linings are being destroyed by a toxic, cancer-causing herbicide called glyphosate. A widely-used weed killer found in 75% of the foods and 90% of beer and wine, it affects crops with genetically-modified seeds (GMOs) and is also used as a drying agent on other crops, like wheat, oats and barley. The plants then absorb the chemical into their cells, so it cannot be washed off or cooked away.

95% of Americans have this chemical present in their bodies. And in 2017, the State of California declared that glyphosate “causes cancer and birth defects,” and added it to the Proposition 65 list.

Our gut is the “second brain” of our bodies and responsible for nutrient absorption, hormone production and immune response.

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  • FLUSH glyphosate out of the body
  • SUPPORT the good gut bacteria
  • STRENGTHEN the gut lining and function
  • PROTECT the digestive tract from future GMO and glyphosate damage