Our society faces a host of culturally difficult challenges that seem to continually tear us apart!  But there is one commonality that we have amongst us.  We are in love with our phones!!   Research has been conducted, and the results are startling.  The average person spends FOUR plus hours a day engaging in activity on their phones*. Amongst the winning apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube.  Let’s talk for a minute about what is occurring to us as a result of this exorbitant time spent on our phones, just in terms of our muscles:

  • Shortened and constricted pectoralis muscles
  • Overused and extended neck muscles i.e. levator scapulae, scalenes
  • Overstretched back muscles i.e. upper and middle trapezius, rhomboids

How does this leave us feeling?  Tight, stiff, sore, constricted, limited movement, decreased flexibility, increased pain, lack of focus, less tolerance, to mention just a few.

Don’t try and deny that you have or are currently experiencing this or at the very least know someone who is phone in hand, neck extended looking at phone at least four hours a day if not more.  What is the remedy?  We all would laugh if I was to suggest we put down our phones so let’s approach it a different way.  Let’s get the relief from phone neck!  The team at GR8 LIFE CEO are revolutionary practitioners at relieving phone neck syndrome.  We aid in making your busy, hectic, phone oriented life GR8!

Now offering:

THE GR8 Phone Neck Relief Service

This Amazing Service Consists of:

  • Precision Massage
  • Targeted Soft Tissue Work
  • Assisted Stretch
  • Precision Massage
  • Precision Massage

Leave Feeling and Moving GR8!

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For more information on how much time we spend on our phones follow this link: