“Stop Living in Pain”

So many people myself included are locked in a forward momentum box. We are working at our desk, looking at our phones, driving down the road….shoulders hunched forward, neck locked in, eyes fixated on screens, spine looking more like a half eaten doughnut rather than an ironing board. Even if we are health and fitness minded so much of our exercise like walking, running, or biking is movement in a one dimensional forward momentum box.

What does continually operating in a forward momentum box do to us?
• Increases our feeling of pain/discomfort
• Restricts our range of motion
• Decreases our flexibility
• Depletes our energy
• Prevents sound sleep
• Decreases our blood flow/circulation
• Contributes to our loss of muscle tone

I think we can agree that these are unhealthy. So what can we do to get out of the box?

Well, although self-stretching is good it is extremely difficult to reap the benefits that would come from assisted stretching. Why is assisted stretching so beneficial? Here is what consistent assisted stretching does:
• Increases our fluidity
• Enhances our range of motion
• Releases our restrictions
• Invigorates our energy
• Reduces our pain

Let our team get you out of the box and allow you to start living PAIN FREE!!
Call me and let’s talk about it and how you can experience what it feels like to be out of the box and moving GR8!

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