My Top 10 List of all that was Awesome and all that Sucked from 2019

How the year changed me and what I will do next

Reflecting on the past full year is a healthy exercise.  Here is just a sample of what I learned from a myriad of experiences, some were amazing and total game changers, others just flat out sucked, there just isn’t a better way to say it.  But through all of the experiences I sure learned an awful lot.

  1. The only person responsible for my decisions is me!
  2. When I make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions it leaves wounds!
  3. Life is more meaningful when I work hard!
  4. I attract what I emanate!
  5. Being by myself is not as scary as I thought it would be!
  6. Slowing down to capture moments like a sunset or my kids’ smiles or petting a puppy has dramatically made me appreciate the value of life!
  7. Goals are meant to be set, conquered, and set again!
  8. I am valuable and I am helping people to be better!
  9. Bike crashes hurt and leave scars but they can be overcome!
  10. At the end of the day my identity as a man, dad, son, brother, bodywork specialist is strong, secure, and special!


Here is what I will do in 20/20 to promote a healthy, vibrant, amazing year:

  1. Never pass up an opportunity to change the day, direction or even the course of someone’s life by practicing kindness and encouragement!
  2. Keep growing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!
  3. Invest in people: I, We, All!

Friends: Let’s make this year our best year!