How’s your Butt?

Yes, I just asked that question!  Got you curious?  Tried to get a sideways look at your behind in the mirror yet?  It’s actually a great question to consider.

Here is why: research is indicating that as we age the two major muscles to weaken and become atrophied are the core and the glutes (butt muscles). Let’s focus on your butt for the point of this article. There are 3 muscles that compose what we commonly call our butt.  It is the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and the gluteus medius; all three originate from the illium  and sacrum (hip bones) and insert on the femur (thigh bone).  The primary reason these glute muscles weaken is because they are inactive and highly underused.  Muscle atrophy leads to an assortment of serious health issues and the potential for injury.  A major concern for aging adults  are falls resulting in hip fractures.  What is the remedy for a weak, inactive, underused butt?  Obviously, it is specific exercise that target the individual glute muscles and aim at strengthening them.

Good News:  It is never too late or too early to start strategically working these muscles to create balance and strength.  Let the Gr8 life team work with your butt to ensure a strong active balanced set of cheeks!