“How 20/20 can be YOUR BEST Year”

As I write this we are faced with a sobering reality… this year has flown by!     12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days have evaporated faster than an ice cube on a hot summer day.   I remember vividly sitting in my 3rd grade classroom and watching the hands of time on the wall clock move at a snail’s pace.  Now, it seems as if I wake up and 5 minutes later it’s time for bed again.

As the year wraps up and 20/20 is on the horizon now is a good time to evaluate what we have done with all the time that was given to us in 2019?

  • Did we invest in ourselves and others?
  • Did we set reasonable goals and strive toward reaching those goals by employing healthy habits?
  • Did we take our health and wellness seriously?
  • Did we grow from a state of stagnant living toward accomplishing extraordinary feats?

Seriously, ask yourself those introspective and piercing questions.  What are your honest answers?  The mirror is a difficult place to peer at oneself when faced with tough questions, but it can also be liberating.  IF the honest answers are “no” to tough personal questions concerning your attitude, behavior, choices etc about your health and wellness, don’t fret, don’t worry, don’t freak out!!!!  INSTEAD, start NOW!!  Start taking your health and wellness seriously this decision coupled with the implementation of action will kick start the new year off with a bang!

Here are a few tips on how to make 20/20 the coolest, clearest, most amazing year of the rest of your awesome life:

  • Start moving, within in your abilities….our bodies were designed to be in motion!  If you have gotten in a pattern of little to no form of healthy movement then let’s get going!!  Take a walk around your neighborhood or find a park and walk the trails.  Outdoor walking is simple and basic but it provides tremendous benefits such as: cardiovascular improvement, oxygen intake, vitamin D intake, muscle tone, and weight loss.  The key is consistency. This is a starting point, some form of strength training should be incorporated as well.
  • Start thinking about food differently!  Food is in abundance everywhere we go and look!  Food is good!!  Food is necessary for our bodies.  But large quantities of food is not good.  Processed, genetically modified food like substances are not good for us.  Start thinking to yourself while in the grocery store “the longer the shelf life, the shorter my life”.  Start thinking about diversity in real, natural, healthy options.  There is a smorgasborg of fruits, vegetables, salads, fish, nuts, grains, all available for us to creatively prepare and enjoy.  Get less calories from liquids and fall in love with good quality water.  Your skin, brain, joints, heart, liver, kidneys, digestive system will thank you.
  • Give bodywork and stretching a try!  Really!!  It helps!!  Comprehensive assisted stretching relieves fascia restrictions, elongates muscles, improves circulation, drains lymphatic fluid, allows greater range of movement, improves flexibility to mention just a few of the benefits. It really will allow you to feel and move GR8!

20/20 is going to be the begininng of the NEW YOU!  The vision is clear and the outcome is a healthy YOU!

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