“Dude, You’re Soft…”

Sometimes you need to be told the hard truth. It isn’t pleasant to hear nor is it encouraging; but the uncomfortable makes us stronger. It pushes us outside of our boxes of comfort and routine and even compels a sense of resolve toward self-improvement.

My never-ending pursuit of self-improvement consists of:
• Possessing a feeling of endless energy without the aid of synthetics
• Moving with intention without restriction/pain naturally
• Sleeping well naturally
• Interacting well with others and demonstrating an attitude of positivity without the aid of mood enhancers or mood altering synthetics

In a nutshell this is a Gr8life! I’m in pretty good physical fitness condition, having completed multiple endurance events and in general being a bada** so when I heard the words “Dude, you’re soft as…” it caused me to stop and ask myself a profoundly powerful question: “HOW CAN I GET BETTER?”

Friends: I challenge you to ask yourself that same question! If you have and it has led you to want to improve yourself then think on these truths:
• You don’t have to live in constant pain.
• You don’t have to feel depleted of energy.
• You can project a positive demeanor.
• You can reach your goals.
• You can feel, move, and live Gr8!

Maybe you too are soft (even if you would rather not admit it), maybe you are in pain, maybe you feel like you know what, maybe you have some nagging injuries, maybe you have little to no energy. If you are ready to make your overall health and wellness a priority, GOOD!

Let us at Gr8lifeceo assist you on your self-improvement journey! Call, message, take charge of you and get unsoft.

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