At GR8 LIFE CEO we have an insatiable desire to figure out how the body works. And how to optimize the potential of every client. The approaches that we have pioneered at GR8 LIFE CEO has come from over 30 yrs of dedicated ongoing learning and working with clients of all physical abilities and challenges. This has helped us build an intimate understanding of how each muscle works; and more importantly, how it doesn’t. The modalities we use at GR8 LIFE CEO is constantly evolving as we continue to learn, test validate better ways to give the ultimate results for our clients.


It’s our culture of continuous learning that has allowed us to push the boundaries of traditional therapy and fix people that have given up hope of ever regaining a pain-free and full range of motion. Why settle for good when you deserve GR8.

After one session, I was hooked. I was amazed at the difference it made. At the age of 60, I realize the importance of maintaining flexibility to be able to continue the quality of life I enjoy.


The Stretch shop is PHENOMENAL


“I never realized how important stretching is to wellness”


“I’ve noticed a big difference in my flexibility and how much faster I recover from my workouts. Since I’ve been going to the Stretch shop 2 times a week. They are the best part of my week!


My doctor said I needed to start a stretch program. He said it would be the thing I could do for myself. I have to tell you ever since I started going to the Stretch Shop at GR8 Life Ceo I’ve never felt better!!!


This is so much better than yoga or Pilates, honestly I’m not fit enough to do all those things yet. I’m so happy I found GR8 Life Ceo they are right up my alley! This place is for anyone, no matter your age!!


From a person who would get a deep tissue massage every month. I have no longer returned. The Body Shop at GR8 Life Ceo is pure life changing!!!! I just wished that I started sooner


Completely incredible. During my first session I thought it was going to be just ok, but at the end of the session I could feel the amazing results and a noticeable difference in my flexibility and stress relief.


Immediately noticeable results…Walked in bent over in pain, left upright feeling GR8!!!


“I could feel my muscles lengthening and the tension leaving my body”


The GR8 Life Ceo Stretch Shop is the best hour I spend every week!!!


“I work at a desk with minimal standing throughout the day. Since going to the Stretch Shop my headaches and the tension in my neck are a thing of the past. I feel GR8 after every session “


“I always like to push my body. And I know I need to take care of it. Especially if I’m going to push it so hard. Since finding the GR8 Life Ceo Stretch shop. I’ve been going to them twice a week to loosen up any tight areas. I no longer get the nagging injuries I use to bring on my self. And I just keep feeling my best”