The Right Recipe for Your Body

I have always been jealous of people who can get in the kitchen and throw together an assortment of ingredients incorporating a pinch of this and dash of that and like magic an amazing dish of goodness comes out.   It’s like they know the precise blend of spices, sauces, flavorings, seasonings to put together in order to achieve maximum taste.  People come by take a bite and are in total awe of just how good the taste is.

There is a connection point here friends.  The human body needs the right recipe of modalities in order to get optimal results.  Everyone is different and taking a universal approach toward individual body care and wellness is equivalent to putting a ham sandwich in front of everyone and telling them this is the only nutrition you will need for the rest of your life.  There is a whole host of problems with that approach.  First of all there will be a whole lot missing in terms of nutrition, secondly not everyone is going to like the sandwich and the list goes on. It is just not going to work.

So let’s unpack this a little further by asking some body care and wellness questions.  Hopefully, then we can derive at an answer that makes logical sense and also may act as an epiphany for some.

  • Is massage good for the body? YES
  • Is neuromuscular work good for the body? YES
  • Is yoga good for the body? YES
  • Is myofascial release good for the body? YES
  • Is assisted stretching good for the body? YES
  • Is infrared treatment good for the body? YES
  • Is Tai Chi massage good for the body? YES

I think you get where I am driving.  The human body is dynamic and complex and every single person is unique.  So why do we continue to accept universal approaches?  Again, in and of themselves the various modalities are good, but are you ok with being just good?  Should you not want GR8?  Should you not want to optimize your living and moving?

The human body needs a pinch of this and a dash of that to see incredible optimal results.  Incorporating different modalities customized to the needs of the individual’s body is the right recipe.

We here at GR8 LIFE CEO have figured out that each individual needs a custom blend (the right recipe) of techniques to allow them to feel, move, and live GR8!