TC Thrasher, CEO

Holistic Body Repair Specialist

TC has over 30 years in the Fitness and Human performance industry. He believes there is more to GR8 Health and Fitness than Bikini Bodies and six pack abs. Although if that is your goal and your willing to put in the effort he will get you there. His training philosophy is designed around quality over quantity. Helping his clients illicit their maximum results with minimum effort.

TC has mentored over 100 fitness and performance coaches. And helped 1000’s of client of all abilities, ages and limitations. TC has helped clients lose body fat, gain lean muscle, increase flexibility/mobility and recover from injury. He has also worked with 100’s of athletes from youth to the professional level.

Education and Certifications:

Bryan Fields

Bodywork Specialist

Bryan is a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) CPT (Certified Personal Trainer).  He is a bodywork specialist with an emphasis in full body stretching, neuromuscular work, soft tissue repair, and strengthening weak and underused muscles.  He is committed to providing a holistic approach to wellness and fitness not only in his own life but in everyone he encounters.  He is an inspirational communicator and enjoys being a personal life coach.  Bryan is an accomplished endurance event competitor having completed multiple long distance events including an Ironman and numerous obstacle course races. He has also inspired and personally coached many people to accomplish athletic events. Bryan is a dad to three amazing kids whom he enjoys inspiring to stay active and fit.  His passion is to see people wholly living out a GR8 life by being well, fit, and excited to experience new and incredible adventures in their lives!!

Education and Certifications:
Exercise Science, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapy #11324, NASM CPT,

Kenneth D. Line

Bodywork Specialist

Kenny is a licensed massage therapist with a heart’s desire to assist others in recovering out of a state of discomfort and into the functional beings we are designed to be. Even through life’s wear and tear, he believes that no matter where you are in your life, you are capable of being your fullest. Whether you are an athlete wanting to maintain their physique or an average joe rediscovering proper health, Kenny holds true that bodywork is essential to all whom put in the effort to achieve it.

Kenny is native to Horry county. While exploring the different areas of this country, he felt a pull to come back to his birthplace, and set-up a home.

After re-rooting back home, Kenny was introduced into the flow arts community where he was trained in the art of Fire Spinning. He was also introduced to breathing/meditation techniques, yoga, and how community brings everyone into a sense of connectedness.

Education and Certifications:
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapy #12186

Stevie Goggans

Bodywork Specialist

I’m a Registered 500hr Experienced Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Training Facilitator. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for 10 years and teaching for 7 years internationally. I struggled in my own body and life for years before finding yoga and other bodywork modalities that took me from a life of resistance to a life of pure joy and gratitude. I am passionate about helping others to feel at ease in their own bodies/minds/hearts. I believe that if we feel empowered and fully alive in our own bodies and peaceful in our own minds then we are able to fully enjoy life with a happy heart.

I am life-long student of Yoga, Meditation, Body-work, Healing Modalities. I am a Body-Work Specialist, currently studying to obtain my LMT. I continue to lead Yoga teacher trainings and continuing ed courses for Yoga Teachers as well wellness workshops and ceremonies.

I was born and raised in Pawleys Island. I have traveled the world, yet, my roots always bring me back here to the beach.

My other interests include: Bhakti yoga (singing mantras and leading Kirtans), being outside as much as possible, traveling, reading, dancing, and always learning.

Education and Certifications: Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500HR, BA Psychology, LMT (Currently Studying)

Kimberly Thrasher

Tribe Success Specialist

•Marketing & Social Media

I’m wife and Mother of two amazing boys. My youngest son Chance Plays College football and my oldest son Blade has severe Autism. So, every day is exciting!

“I could feel my muscles lengthening and the tension leaving my body”


“I never realized how important stretching is to wellness”


Completely incredible. During my first session I thought it was going to be just ok, but at the end of the session I could feel the amazing results and a noticeable difference in my flexibility and stress relief.


From a person who would get a deep tissue massage every month. I have no longer returned. The Body Shop at GR8 Life Ceo is pure life changing!!!! I just wished that I started sooner


The Stretch shop is PHENOMENAL


Immediately noticeable results…Walked in bent over in pain, left upright feeling GR8!!!


The GR8 Life Ceo Stretch Shop is the best hour I spend every week!!!


My doctor said I needed to start a stretch program. He said it would be the thing I could do for myself. I have to tell you ever since I started going to the Stretch Shop at GR8 Life Ceo I’ve never felt better!!!


This is so much better than yoga or Pilates, honestly I’m not fit enough to do all those things yet. I’m so happy I found GR8 Life Ceo they are right up my alley! This place is for anyone, no matter your age!!


“I’ve noticed a big difference in my flexibility and how much faster I recover from my workouts. Since I’ve been going to the Stretch shop 2 times a week. They are the best part of my week!


After one session, I was hooked. I was amazed at the difference it made. At the age of 60, I realize the importance of maintaining flexibility to be able to continue the quality of life I enjoy.


“I work at a desk with minimal standing throughout the day. Since going to the Stretch Shop my headaches and the tension in my neck are a thing of the past. I feel GR8 after every session “


“I always like to push my body. And I know I need to take care of it. Especially if I’m going to push it so hard. Since finding the GR8 Life Ceo Stretch shop. I’ve been going to them twice a week to loosen up any tight areas. I no longer get the nagging injuries I use to bring on my self. And I just keep feeling my best”